Philae Temple

The Philae Temple, dedicated to the goddess Isis, was once set on a holy island in the Nile River, the site of many pilgrimages. Although projects to dam the Nile once threatened the existence of both the island and the temple, UNESCO worked to rescue and preserve the ancient monument, damming the island itself with a high surrounding wall until the Philae Temple could be moved in sections to a new location: the higher, nearby Agilka Island.

Visit the temple to learn about the temple's history, as well as Isis, who was a very important goddess in ancient times. She was known as the Mother of God, giver of life, and protector and healer of kings.

Practical Info

Many of the organized tours to the Aswan High Dam also visit Philae Temple. Alternately you can take a taxi to the ferry dock 4 miles south of Aswan and catch the river boat over to the island.
Indirizzo: Aswan, Egitto
Orari: Open daily.
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