Cherry Tree Hill

As you take an island tour of Barbados, make sure to stop at Cherry Tree Hill, an 850-foot tall overlook on the grounds of St. Nicholas Abbey. Here you can enjoy an expansive view of the island’s Scotland District and the wild, windswept eastern shore of the island. The road up the hill is said to have been literally lined with cherry trees, however today it’s long been replanted with towering groves of mahogany. The hill is a popular stop among guided tours, so if you’ve planned to take one on your trip, you’ll likely end up here. However, you can also make the drive yourself—it’s only about 30 minutes from Bridgetown.

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Cherry Tree Hill is officially part of the St. Nicholas Abbey estate, but it sits just outside the main gate, so you can drive there on your own, and stop there for free, while visiting the abbey itself does cost a fee.
Indirizzo: St Peter 26007, Barbados
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