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Punta Princesa

The Patagonia region of southern Argentina is known for outdoor activities. Due to the mountainous terrain, skiing is a popular sport during the winter. Near the city of Bariloche is the ski resort Cerro Catedral, or Mount Cathedral, which is located within the Nahuel Huapí National Park. It is one of South America's biggest ski resorts with over 64 miles of ski runs and ski lift capacity of up to 35,000 skiers per hour. Cerro Catedral has also hosted several ski competitions and winter festivals.

About 60 percent of the runs are for intermediate level skiers. But if you're new to skiing, give Punta Princesa a try. The Punta Princesa ski run is designated for skiers of all levels. The Cerro Catedral ski resort also has several runs for advanced skiers, such as De la Garganta, Pista Seis and Del Bosque. There are also special areas for off-piste and freestyle snowboarding.