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El Viejo Almacen

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One of Buenos Aires’ biggest draws for visitors is the chance to see a live tango show. And while there are tango performances on the street (for example, on El Caminito), or even in San Telmo, it would be difficult to beat the all-encompassing experience of going to a tango show. One of the leaders in this arena is the Viejo Almacen, a name which means “old general store,” and behind the traditional old exterior in San Telmo is space for eating, dancing, and even a third floor terrace for outdoor dining. The building dates back to the late 18th century, and has been used for the dinner tango show since 1969. The show (with or without dinner, you decide), features more than 20 tango dancers, interspersed with Andean pan pipe music, and other forms of music, dance and even poetry. Dinner consists of traditional Argentine empanadas, pastas, vegetable risotto and two glasses of wine per adult.

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