Diamond Works

Cape Town's Diamond Works offers a glimpse at South Africa's diamond mining industry through the eyes of a custom jewelry maker. Yes, Diamond Works is essentially a jewelry store, and you can certainly visit with the intention of buying some custom-made diamond jewelry. Even if you're not in the market for diamonds, however, a visit to Diamond Works is worth it to learn more about this fascinating industry.

Diamond Works offers what it calls a “Sparkling Tour,” during which you'll see diamond cutters and jewelry designers at work, you'll learn about the history of diamonds, and find out what to look for when evaluating a diamond.

Practical Info

Diamond Works is in Cape Town's city center, and they'll even transport you to and from your accommodation for free. The 15-minute Sparkling Tour (which must be booked in advance) is also free, and the facilities are open to visitors daily from 9am-7:30pm.
Indirizzo: Metropolitan Building Coen Steytler Avenue, Cape Town, South Africa, Sudafrica
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