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Located in Jingsheng Town, Shanxi Province, the Wang Family Courtyard was built by the Wang family of Jingsheng, who were descendants of the Wang family of the city of Taiyuan – one of four of the most prominent families of the Qing Dynasty.

The Wang Family Courtyard isn’t a single courtyard as the name suggests; it is in fact a sprawling compound containing a cluster of courtyards and castles that demonstrate incredible examples of Chinese residential architecture from the Qing Dynasty period. The Gao Jia Ya and Red Gate Castle in particular have numerous courtyards and rooms built in this traditional architectural style.

Besides its fascinating architecture, the Wang Family Courtyard displays some ornate wood and stone carvings that demonstrate the artistic style of the time.

Practical Info

The Wang Family Courtyard is open from 8am until 7:30pm in the summer and 8am until 6pm throughout the rest of the year. Two direct buses leave from Pingyao Bus Station to the Wang Family Courtyard. It’s also easy to arrange a taxi or go as part of an organized day trip.
Indirizzo: Country Rd 011, Lingshi, Jinzhong, Shanxi, China, Cina
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