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Imbros Gorge is located in the countryside of western Crete. It is one of the most popular gorges for hikers on the island. It's popular for many reasons including its beauty. The hike is also easier than some others in the area, making it a good choice for almost anyone who wants to spend a few hours exploring nature. The trail is about five miles long with a descent of less than 2,000 feet and usually takes two to three hours. There are some spectacular sections along the trail, including some narrow passageways. Along the hike, you will pass several small villages.

The gorge also holds historical significance. In May 1941 during World War II, Allied troops walked through the gorge while trying to escape Crete and get to Egypt. Many people whose parents or grandparents were there visit the gorge today as a kind of pilgrimage.

Practical Info

The village of Imbros can be reached by bus from Chania, though buses are not frequent. Other options include driving, taking a taxi, or joining a tour. There is a 2 euro fee for entry into the gorge, which is open all year round. Summer is often warm, but weather can be cooler during the rest of the year. Conditions can be poor during winter or spring due to bad weather, landslides, and flooding. 
Indirizzo: Crete, Greece, Grecia
Orari: Year round
Ingresso: 2 euros
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Trekking di un Giorno nella Gola di Imbros con Tradizionale Spuntino Cretese

Partecipa a un'escursione guidata di 8 km nella gola di Imbros in questo tour di un giorno di Creta. Resta incantato dalla particolare conformazione di Creta mentre esplori la gola rocciosa all'ombra delle Montagne Bianche e attraversa i villaggi di montagna di Vrisses, Askifou e Imbros. Dopo esserti rifocillato con un tipico pranzo cretese (a tue spese), visita il castello veneziano di Frangokastello risalente al XIV secolo, e infine rinfrescati con una bella nuotata nel Mar Libico.
  • Durata: 11 ore
  • Disponibile in: Inglese
49,82 US$
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  • Durata: 11 ore
  • Disponibile in: Inglese
49,82 US$

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