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With its two-tier walkways tracing the scenic Rhine waterfront and dotted with benches, grassy picnic areas and food vendors, walking the Rheinuferpromenade (Rhine River promenade) not only offers a tranquil retreat from the busy city center, but it also links many of Dusseldorf’s top attractions.

Start your walk beneath the Burgplatz castle tower, then follow the riverside paths through Dusseldorf Old Town, passing the Old Harbor (Alter Hafen); the Marketplatz, home to the historic City Hall (Rathaus) and the City Museum (Stadt Museum), before reaching the grassy Rheinpark, where you can look out over the striking waterfront of the nearby Media Harbor. As well as being popular with joggers, cyclists and roller-bladers, the promenade also hosts a number of seasonal events, including an open-air cinema, exhibitions and markets.

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Tour Privato: Tour delle Principali Attrazioni di Düsseldorf

Scopri Düsseldorf, la città sul Reno, e la sua storia da una guida privata, nonché autista. Con un itinerario che può essere ...  Ulteriori informazioni

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