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Chateau-Thierry Monument

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The Château-Thierry Monument is a World War I memorial located in Aisne, France. Overlooking the Marne River valley, the monument was built in 1933 and commemorates the achievements of United States forces that fought in the region in 1918, notably for the Second Battle of the Marne during the wider German Spring Offensive. German advances in late May 1918 led the United States forces 3rd Division to assist the French troops in preventing the Germans from crossing the Marne River, holding the south bank until the counteroffensive forced German withdrawal, earning the nickname “Rock of the Marne“ in the process. The monument was designed by famed French-American architect Paul Cret, who also planned several war memorials and battlefield monuments across Europe and in the United States.

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Gita giornaliera privata da Parigi dei luoghi della Prima guerra mondiale: campi di battaglia di Aisne-Marne, Bois Belleau e Museo della Grande Guerra

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Addentrati nella storia della Prima guerra mondiale con una gita giornaliera a nord di Parigi nella regione francese della Piccardia. Visita Aisne e Marne, le ...  Ulteriori informazioni

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