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Lucayan National Park

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This incredible 40-acre park has some of the most spectacular secluded beaches in all of the Bahamas. Filled with mangrove, pine, and palm trees, Lucayan National Park features incredible plants in bloom as well as a plethora of waterbirds and saltwater fish.

Snorkel in the amazing turquoise waters or explore the world's largest underground cavern system. If you're interested in the history of the area, look into a tour of the burial grounds of the indigenous Bahaman people.

Surround yourself with true Bahaman beauty in this lovely national park, and enjoy the protective care that its delicate environment demands.

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Costa Orientale di Bahamas e Tour del Parco Nazionale Lucayan

29 recensioni

Una vera delizia per gli amanti della natura. Vieni e scopri Ben's Cave, il più lungo esplorato sistema di grotte sottomarine che conducono all'oceano. ...  Ulteriori informazioni

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