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Catedral de Santa Ana

As the seat of the Diocese of the Canaries in the Roman Catholic Church, the Catedral de Santa Ana is one of the most prominent monuments of Canarian architecture. Construction was initiated in 1500 on orders of the Catholic Monarchs, Queen Isabella I of Castile and King Ferdinand II of Aragon, after Gran Canaria was conquered in 1478. It was completed on the eve of Corpus Christi in 1570, although substantial renovations were made over the following centuries—which explains the disparity in some of the architectural details. Designed in the purest Gothic tradition with touches of Neoclassical and even Baroque, the structure consists of two campaniles, an ornate nave with double aisles as well as a sanctuary. The cathedral’s interior is famous for its palm tree-like piers and for its twin towers, one of which is accessible to tourists on a quest for unobstructed views of Gran Canaria.

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