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Grimsel Pass

Locals know that Grimsel Pass has a sacred place in Swiss history, as traders once rode donkeys along the dangerous paths of Grimsel to transport local cheese to far flung regions of the country. This painstakingly beautiful wild mountain road connects Goms in Valais to the Hasli Valley in the Bernese Oberland. Travelers who venture along Grimsel Pass will bear witness to rugged granite cliffs, towering snow-capped peaks, crystal clear reservoirs and plenty of lush green foliage. And while the pass is home to some of the country’s main power producing plants, visitors will find that much of the land still remains untouched.

Travelers can hike the two-hour loop around a man-made lake and absorb the breathtaking wonder of the surrounding beauty or hop aboard the aerial cable car from Handeck to Gerstenegg and take it all in from above. And those who are interested in the powerhouse facilities can register for guided tours that start in Innnerkirchen.

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Tour di un giorno per piccoli gruppi nelle Alpi svizzere da Zurigo

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Goditi l'avventura ad alta quota sotto le cime svettanti delle Alpi svizzere in questa gita di un giorno per piccoli gruppi da Zurigo. Viaggia con la tua ...  Ulteriori informazioni

  • Luogo: Zurigo, Svizzera
  • Durata: 9 ore 30 minuti
  • Lingua: Inglese
Da USD 154,23