Mac Mac Falls

Mac Mac Falls is one of the many waterfalls in the Mpumalanga Province, a pair of falls that drop more than 200 feet. The area around the town of Sabie is known for its waterfalls, with Mac Mac Falls being one of the most dramatic. The 213-foot waterfall's name refers to the Scottish miners who flocked to the area in the 1870s in search of gold. In 1873, the South African president visited the area and named it Mac Mac, a name which was also applied to the river and the waterfall.

Practical Info

Mac Mac Falls is not far from R532, a little more than 8 miles north of Sabie. There is a viewing platform at the falls, but no swimming is allowed in the pool at the waterfall's base. For that, you need to visit Mac Mac Pools about 1.25 miles from the falls.
Indirizzo: R532, Sabie, South Africa, Sudafrica
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