Pelican Rock

Even though this spot is named for the pelicans that clumsily land on the rocks, it’s the animals and action beneath the water that warrant all the attention. Here, at this protected swimming spot by “Lover’s Beach” and the famous rocks of “El Arco,” snorkelers, swimmers, scuba divers, and cliff jumpers all play together in the tropical sun outside of Cabo San Lucas. The rock is popular with Los Cabos snorkeling tours, and snorkelers have the chance to see frogfish, goatfish, lobsters, nudibranchs and even some white tipped sharks. Strap on a tank and head 60 feet down to find schools of silvery jacks, or climb up 15 feet up the side of the rock before splashing in the waters below. A small, protected section of shoreline is exclusively reserved for swimming, and colonies of sea lions bark and lounge on the craggy rocks offshore. The beach itself is gravely and small—and can often be very crowded—but between the view of Cabo San Lucas in the distance and the schools of fish swimming below, Pelican Rock is a definite highlight of any visit to Los Cabos. 

Practical Info

Pelican Rock is most easily accessed via Los Cabos snorkeling and diving tours. Water temperatures from August-October can reach upwards of 80°, although still are approximately 73° through the “coldest” months of winter.
Indirizzo: Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, Messico
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