Birgu (Vittoriosa)

An interesting town to visit on Malta is known in Maltese as Birgu, and in Italian as Vittoriosa (“Victorious,” named as such after the Great Siege of Malta). Situated on the Grand Harbor, it has a lengthy maritime history and home to the popular Maritime Museum. But the Fort St. Angelo is the real draw here, an unrestored fortress that is largely credited with helping Malta beat back invaders. 

Other highlights include the Church Museum, which has a rag-tag collection of artifacts that gives visitors a sense of Birgu's past; the gorgeous St. Lawrence Church, a gorgeous structure with some astonishing art; and the main gate and walls of this previously fortified city. And Villetta is just across the harbor!

Practical Info

Birgu is 15 minutes from Malta International Airport. 
Indirizzo: Birgu, Malta
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