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Palais du Pharo

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Wouldn't it be nice to be a prince, to be able to go to seaside town, decide you liked it and wouldn't mind having a little holiday home there, then have the city give you the prime location on the waterfront to build your palace? Welcome to the mid-19th century world of Prince-President Louis-Napoleon. In September 1852, he visited Marseille, said he liked it, was given the Pharo headland overlooking Vieux Port and Ile d'If, built the magnificent Palais du Pharo, then never even stayed there. Luckily his wife seems to have had a more generous nature and the Empress Eugenie gave it back to the city.

In 1904, the city of Marseille turned the building into a medical school. This necessitated some architectural changes and the balance of the building's appearance was altered losing some of its beauty. Since then, the building has been again modified to become a modern conference centre, with many of the auditoriums skillfully concealed underground below the forecourt.

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Tour in bici elettrica di Marsiglia

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Vedi le attrazioni principali di Marsiglia, tra cui Palais du Pharo (Palazzo di Napoleone) e Notre-Dame de la Garde in sella a una bici elettrica mentre la ...  Ulteriori informazioni

  • Luogo: Marsiglia, Francia
  • Durata: 3 - 4 ore
  • Lingua: Inglese
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