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Black River Gorges National Park

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While Mauritius might be known for its world-class beaches and temptingly turquoise waters, the island offers more adventure than just snorkeling, swimming, and diving. In Black River Gorges National Park on the island’s southwestern tip, 18 miles of hiking trails are embedded in a canopy of what’s regarded as the island’s last pristine section of forest. Between deforestation and invasive species, there was once a time when the forests seemed in danger of disappearing. In 1994, however, when Black River Gorges became the island of Mauritius’ only national park, it provided a 25 square mile home for endemic plants and wildlife still found in the forest today. When hiking the trails in the forested uplands, remember to look up in the rustling branches for pink pigeons and Mauritius kestrels that flit their way through the trees.

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