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Finca Decero

The area of Mendoza is well-known for wine, with production here having started as early as the 1500s. But it was not until the 1990s that Mendoza became world-renowned for its production, mainly of reds. The vineyard Finca Decero is a newcomer to the game, built with foreign (Swiss-American) funds, to plant and construct a sustainable, hand-made vineyard “from scratch,” (as the name de cero means). Decero makes mostly single vineyard wines, inspired by one of the founding family’s connection with Napa Valley in California.

Remolinos Vineyard, one of Decero’s most famous, is located in the highest reaches of Agrelo, in Mendoza, at 3500 feet. With the area’s warm days and cool nights, and small, naturally occurring circular gusts of wind provide perfect conditions for their wines, specifically Malbec and Cabernet Sauvignon, though they also make blends with Petit Verdot and other varieties, much of it by hand, and all of it aged in fine-grained French oak barrels.

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  • Durata: 6 ore
  • Lingua: Inglese Spagnolo
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