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Viansa Winery

You’ll enjoy the views as much as the wine at Sonoma County’s Viansa Winery & Marketplace.

Viansa produces a variety of wines including Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Pinot Noir. In addition to these well know wines, they also produce traditional Italian varietals. What makes a visit to Viansa particularly unique is the view that comes with its location. Of course they have grapes, but perched atop a hill, the Winery & Marketplace looks down over 113 acres of natural wetlands. When the winery assumed stewardship, the wetlands had been converted for grazing. Now restored, over 500 species of birds have been seen and as many as a thousand waterfowl have been counted in a single day. Visitors could see canvasback ducks, great blue herons, Canadian geese and a number of other birds migrating along the Pacific Flyway.

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Tour per piccoli gruppi nelle regioni vinicole di Napa e Sonoma con pranzo

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Viaggia con un minivan di lusso attraverso le meravigliose colline del Paese ricoperte di vigneti, con questo tour di un giorno a Napa e Sonoma da San ...  Ulteriori informazioni

  • Luogo: San Francisco, California
  • Durata: 9 ore
  • Lingua: Inglese Spagnolo Italian
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