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Honey Island Swamp

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Renowned as one of the wildest and most unspoiled swamplands in the United States, the murky, algae-coated waters of the Honey Island Swamp are a prime habitat for native wildlife, including alligators, but if you believe the legends, the lake is home to an even more menacing resident. The notorious Honey Island Swamp monster has long been a figure of local legend, although the alleged sightings of the mysterious Big Foot like creature are yet to be proven.

Stretching for 18 miles (30 km) and surrounded by dense forest and overhanging cypress trees, the wetlands are best explored by boat, where you’ll paddle through the shallow backwaters and have the chance to spot wild boar, raccoon, mink, otters and turtles, along with a huge variety of birdlife.

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Tour della palude di Honey Island con prelievo da New Orleans

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Avventurati all'interno di una delle più selvagge paludi d'America in questo tour guidato di mezza giornata di Honey Island, in Louisiana vicino a New ...  Ulteriori informazioni

  • Luogo: New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Durata: 4 ore
Da USD 49,00

Tour della palude e nei bayou di New Orleans

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Fai un breve viaggio da New Orleans per visitare la palude di Honey Island, una riserva naturale che è una delle ultime paludi protette della Louisiana, ...  Ulteriori informazioni

  • Luogo: New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Durata: 2 ore
Da USD 29,00