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Glooscap Heritage Centre & Mi'kmaq Museum

At the Glooscap Heritage Centre and Mi'kmaw Museum in the town of Truro, the first thing you’ll see is a 40-foot statue of Glooscap — the legendary figure who, in Mi'kmaw lore, was the first human on Earth, created from a bolt of lightning in the sand. On entering the museum, you’ll learn the story of Nova Scotia’s Mi’kmaw people. Exhibits on show include ancient artifacts and traditional porcupine quillwork as well as beadwork. You’ll see the centuries-old stone tools once essential to the survival of the Mi’kmaws, and you’ll get to learn the Mi'kmaw alphabet and how to say hello and goodbye through an audio interactive wall panel. The Mi'kmaw are also known for their petroglyphs which can be found in a number of places in Nova Scotia, and you can see one inscribed on a boulder at the museum. The Glooscap Heritage Centre and Mi'kmaw Museum also have a visitor information center and gift shop.