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Osaka Museum of History

Work your way through centuries of the past at the Osaka Museum of History, opened in 2003. Located just across from the Osaka Castle, head to the top floor to see great views of the castle.

Exhibits chronicle Osaka's history, beginning in ancient times when Osaka served as Japan's first capital and site of the Naniwa Palace and ending with exhibits on the city's bustling shopping arcades of the early Showa Period. Designed from top to bottom, visitors start on the 10th floor and work their way down to the 7th, passing through galleries which focus on the Age of the Naniwa Palace, the Age of the Hongan-ji Temple, and the Age of Greater Osaka. Archaeological remains are displayed in the building’s basement. Take the Highlights Course if you’re short of time, or follow a more leisurely and detailed route with the Complete Course.

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  • Luogo: Osaka, Giappone
  • Durata: 4 ore
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Tour a piedi di Osaka di un'intera giornata con crociera sul fiume Osaka

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