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Umeda Sky Building

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Modern architecture goes space age and skywards at the cutting-edge Umeda Sky Building.

Two glass towers soar 173 meters (567 feet) into the air, connected by a futuristic observation platform that provides amazing 360-degree views. Located on the 40th floor, visitors can find the stunning "floating garden" and observatory, along with a restaurant and bar. The SkyWalk observation deck is also popular among visitors who want to feel the fresh air from the 40th floor and get 360-degree views of the city below. For a change of pace and century, head to the base of the building to enter the old-fashioned Takimi Lane of Restaurants. Reproducing a Showa-era street, the precinct has a shrine, well, stone paving and enough restaurants and taverns to feed an army of visitors with delicious gourmet treats.

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