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The Upside Down House

Billed as the first and only upside down house in Thailand, Phuket’s Upside Down House (Baan Teelanka) offers the unique opportunity to quite literally walk on the ceiling. Visitors to this quirky attraction enter through the attic of the inverted three story house and are free to explore all its rooms, including the living room, kitchen, bathroom and even a garage with a life-size tuk tuk inside. Once accustomed to the strange sensation of having the floor above and the ceiling below, the house makes for fun photo ops, which the in-house staff members are more than happy to help take.

In addition to the house, the site also includes a 3,100-square-foot (950-square-meter) garden maze that takes about 15 to 20 minutes to navigate, perfect for families with younger children.

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  • Luogo: Phuket, Thailandia
  • Durata: Varia
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