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Praia do Forte

Praia do Forte is an area of spectacular biodiversity less than two hours by bus from Salvador.

Like many beach towns in Brazil, Praia do Forte was once a small fishing village that became known for its beautiful stretches of coastline, diverse ecosystems, and wildlife. Now a bustling eco-resort, Praia do Forte’s stunning beach and surrounding ocean and jungle is the main drawcard for visitors who come to relax and take advantage of the many adventure activities and whale & turtle watching. Praia do Forte's high reef is well exposed at low tide, leaving warm pools of colorful fish and natural baths to loll about in. The area’s wide variety of marine life makes it an ideal spot for snorkeling and diving. Over seven different species of sea turtle live in the surrounding waters. It's worth visiting the TAMAR project to see them in their natural environment and learn more about the project’s conservation work.

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Tour privato a Praia do Forte e Praia de Guarajuba da Salvador

Un viaggio a Salvador di Bahia non sarebbe completo senza una visita alla splendida costa di cocco di Praia do Forte a Bahia. Fai un giro privato nelle ...  Ulteriori informazioni

  • Luogo: Salvador, Brasile
  • Durata: 8 ore
  • Lingua: Inglese Spagnolo Italian
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