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Teatro Castro Alves

Travelers who want to experience the local and international performing arts scene flock to Teatro Castro Alves, Salvador’s largest theater. This old-school architectural icon was recently redesigned and refurbished, giving it a much-needed update with some contemporary flare. And while the look has certainly changed, the global all-stars Teatro Castro attracts to its main stage remain constant.

In addition to an impressive calendar of classical music performances, international plays and world-class operas, travelers will find galleries dedicated to Salvador’s long-standing artistic history and colorful culture in the halls of Teatro Castro Alves, too. Whether it’s catching a concert by Bahia’s Symphonic Orchestra or taking in the beauty and talent of Castro Theater’s Ballet Company, a visit to Teatro Castro Alves is sure to be a memorable part of any trip to Salvador.

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Tour storico della città di Salvador

Camminare per le strade nel quartiere storico di Salvador sembra essere stato riportato indietro ai tempi antichi nella storia del Brasile. Visita il primo ...  Ulteriori informazioni

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