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Natural Bridge Caverns

Full of exploration opportunities and endless adventure, the Natural Bridge Caverns were discovered near San Antonio in 1960 by some university students, one of whom then went on to assist the landowners with how to proceed with development. During excavations, artifacts dating back to 5,000 DC were unearthed at the entrance trail. These included a jawbone and femur from an extinct species of black bear. Even so, the caverns are still being explored, and it’s believed more passages exist.

Visitors to Natural Bridge Caverns can partake in a number of activities. One of the most popular is a 75-minute walking tour that takes you 180 feet (55 meters) underground to discover the hallways and various speleothems, or stalagmites, which are formed by mineral deposits. Other above-ground options include ziplines, a canopy explorer course and the opportunity to mine for gems, minerals or fossils.

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