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Cerro Chapelco

Every June, when snow begins to fall on the hills of San Martin de los Andes, skiers and snowboards from around the globe journey all the way to Patagonia for the chance to ski at Chapelco. While smaller than Catedral ski resort in neighboring Bariloches, Cerro Chapelco offers exceptional skiing in a relaxed and friendly setting. Chapelco’s base is higher than Catedral—at just over 4,100 feet—and tops out at 6,945 feet for over 2,800 feet of vertical. Cerro Chapelco also receives more snow than many of the surrounding resorts, and since the slopes haven’t been affected by deforestation, offers the best tree skiing of any resort in Argentinian Patagonia. In total, Cerro Chapelco offers 346 skiable acres with 22 different runs, and has modern, gondola lifts and carpets for black diamond on down to beginners.

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