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Goleta is a small coastal town west of Santa Barbara, CA. The town has a mild climate with temperatures typically within 10 degrees of 70 degrees Fahrenheit and warm winds, making this a pleasant place to live or vacation. The town hugs the coast providing plenty of opportunities for enjoying the beach as well as swimming and other water activities. The nearby Santa Ynez Mountains make for a picturesque backdrop. They are also the source of the warm, or sometimes even hot, winds that blow in occasionally.

Many of Goleta's residents commute into Santa Barbara to work at a variety of companies or at the University of California Santa Barbara. The town is also known for its Monarch Butterflies. In October each year the butterflies return to Goleta from their summer home and congregate in massive colonies in the Eucalyptus trees in the Goleta Butterfly Grove.

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Tour in mountain bike per principianti o intermedi di Santa Barbara

Esplora il magnifico territorio di Santa Barbara in un piccolo gruppo di principianti o intermedio in mountain bike. Goditi un divertente giro panoramico lungo ...  Ulteriori informazioni

  • Luogo: Santa Barbara, California
  • Durata: 90 minuti
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