Gas Works Park

Gas Works Park is a public park on the site of a former coal gas plant that closed down in 1956. Several years later, the 19-acre site, which is sits in a beautiful location opposite downtown Seattle on the northern shores of Lake Union, was repurposed and turned into parkland. As one might already suspect, Gas Works Park offers unparalleled views of downtown Seattle, whose skyscrapers form an impressive skyline, but is also often called one of the strangest parks in the world. Since its architect, Richard Haag, aimed to retain as much of the original gas plant as possible, the park offers some very strange, albeit interesting sights, has won numerous awards all over the world for its groundbreaking design and was named a National Historic Landmark for preserving this unique industrial structure. 

Some pieces of the abandoned gasification plant including gas generator towers as well as oil coolers and absorbers were left untouched, and their twisted ruins now raise up from the surrounding grass in artful shapes. Others, such as the former boiler and pump houses, have been turned into colorful play areas for kids or offer shelter for picnic tables and their occupants. An artificial hill, formed from left-over rubble and covered in fresh soil, now poses as the perfect grassy incline for flying kites and the surrounding lawns are used for relaxing and strolls, as well as the occasional event or gathering.

Practical Info

You can get to Gas Works Park either by public transit or by car. There is a big parking lot adjoining the green space and those arriving by bus should take bus number 26 to North 35th Street and Wallingford Ave and walk the remaining two blocks south. The park opens daily from 6am to 10pm.
Indirizzo: 2101 N Northlake Way, Seattle, Washington 98103, USA
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