Snoopy Rock

This iconic rock may be Sedona’s most famous red rock destination. Named for its uncanny resemblance to the cartoon dog, visitors can see the popular pup relaxing on his doghouse from a number of nearby viewpoints. 

Snoopy Rock has made travelers crack a smile since its name was first given and visitors agree you won’t even have to squint to find the massive homage Mother Nature paid to Charles Shultz. Nearby Lucy Rock, named for its resemblance to Charlie Brown’s famous friend, rounds out the Peanuts experience for travelers to this iconic Sedona spot

Practical Info

Snoopy Rock is located at the junction of State Route 79 and Schnebly Hill Road in Sedona. Travelers can find some of the best views from Little Lane, off of Highway 89.
Indirizzo: Sedona, Arizona, USA
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