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Mount Sinai

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For many visitors to St. Catherine’s Monastery at the foot of Mount Sinai, the trek to the mountain's 2,285 meter (7,495 foot) summit is a highlight of their visit.

There is a chapel at the top, reached by either following the camel trail or climbing the 3,750 Steps of Repentance. Whichever way you visit, the final stretch is a grueling 750 rocky steps to the top, where you’ll be rewarded by spectacular views, plus the knowledge that you are standing on the spot where Moses received the Ten Commandments.

Most visitors climb the mountain before dawn, arriving in time to catch the sight of the sun rising over the desert and surrounding peaks. To make things easier on your thigh and calf muscles, take the path on the way up, and the steps on the way down.

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Tour privato: Monastero di Santa Caterina e Montagna di Mosè all'alba

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Vedi il sorgere del sole sul deserto con una visita indimenticabile sul luogo dove Mosé ricevette i dieci comandamenti. Viaggia nella comodità ...  Ulteriori informazioni

  • Luogo: Sharm el-Sheikh, Egitto
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