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Coral Bay

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St. John's Coral Bay prides itself on being the raffish alternative to the island’s main point of arrival, Cruz Bay. Its few dozen houses are haphazardly sprinkled on the green slopes tumbling down to Coral Harbor, a beautiful, protected cove. The red-roofed Moravian Church dates from 1750 and serves as a local landmark. Otherwise the town’s charm lies in its laid-back bars and restaurants where – unlike some Caribbean locations – tourists won’t necessarily outnumber locals. A short way out of town there is great snorkeling to be had at nearby Salt Pond Bay, or there’s always the secluded haven of Lameshur Bay, further round the twisting coastline. Alternatively, charter a boat and head for the nearby British Virgin Islands.

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Viaggio di San Giovanni da San Tommaso: Island Sightseeing e Snorkeling at Trunk Bay

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Entra in un mondo di bellezza incontaminata e incontaminata! Esperienza Cruz Bay, la capitale di San Giovanni, dove un parco nazionale copre oltre la ...  Ulteriori informazioni

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