A multimedia experience engaging all of the senses, Infinity is a journey through mazes of special effects that create a dream-like atmosphere. Sound fields, lights, music, and visual illusions challenge the mind and stretch the imagination of those who navigate the funhouse.  

There are 20 different environments, each with its own unique interactive experience. Ranging from a laser room to a time warp, electron maze, and inter-dimensional space, visitors are treated to a feast for all the senses throughout. The creator of Infinity has an art background, and the innovative and immersive displays on an “electronic canvas” push the boundaries of artistic expression, eliciting powerful emotional responses. Truly a unique experience, Infinity lives up to its name by altering one’s sense of time, space and what is possible.

Practical Info

Infinity is located within the Chevron Renaissance Centre in Surfers Paradise, Queensland, on the ground floor. It is open daily from 10 am to 10 pm. Admission is $27 for adults and $18 for children.
Indirizzo: Surfers Paradise Blvd & Elkhorn Ave, Gold Coast Q 4217, Australia
Ingresso: Adults: $27; Children: $18
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