Namtso Lake

This massive saltwater lake is the second largest lake in China and one of the most-visited sites in all of Tibet. Surrounded by picturesque natural beauty, the area's high altitude requires most travelers to spend a few days adjusting to it in one of the neighboring cities before making the trip to the lake's salty shores. 

Visitors agree the lake is a truly breathtaking site to see, and Tashidor Monastery, located on an island in the lake, rounds out the experience with a taste of culture, history and religion, too. The lake’s out-of-the-way location also makes it an ideal spot to witness the nomadic life of drokpas—herders who live on the plateau of Changpa. 

Practical Info

Namtso Lake is located past Kyang-rag Monastery. Minibus tours from Lhasa are available for about Y250. Entry to the lake is Y120 and often included in these tours. Single-day trips can be quite tiring, so those in the know suggest spreading a visit over two days.
Indirizzo: Tibet, Cina
Ingresso: Y120
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