Gunung Mas Tea Plantation

Located less than 90 kilometers south of Jakarta, the Gunung Mas tea plantation was cultivated in the Dutch colonial era, although is now a government-owned estate. The site is sprawled out over more than 6,000 acres, where row after row of tea grows in cool climates of between 18 and 25°C (due to the elevated altitude).

The tea factory at Gunung Mas offers a glimpse into the drying, processing and packaging of the tea grown at the plantation. These processes are all achieved with antique-looking machinery that seems to do the job well enough. The end product is exported all over the world to such big-name tea brands as Twinings and Pickwick.

Visitors can also take a tour of the plantation itself—to watch the tea-pickers at work and perhaps buy some tea-leaves to take home. Those who enjoy walking can take advantage of the cool climate and the lush highland views by joining one of the organized guided hikes that often take place around the site.

Practical Info

The Gunung Mas Tea Plantation is located just before the Puncak Pass, on the road from Bogor to Bandung. Visitors can tour just the tea factory, which is few kilometers from the highway, or combine this with a guided tour through the plantation itself.
Indirizzo: Puncak, West Java, Indonesia
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