• Luogo: Cairns, Australia
  • Durata: 8 ore (appross.)

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Recensione di: CHENG F , ottobre 2016

very good

Recensione di: Tonia , settembre 2016

Fabulous attentive staff! More than I could ever expect! Excellent trip!

Recensione di: Richard W , giugno 2016

Great tour great to dive on the reef recommend

Recensione di: Jason C , maggio 2016

Truly an experience you'll remember for the rest of your life. Everything was smooth and on time. We only snorkeled and did a snorkeling tour that was so worth the price. The tour guide was nice and extremely knowledgable. We actually went to Hanauma Bay after the reef because a friend said it was some of the best snorkeling on Hawaii and it didn't even come close to The Great Barrier Reef. Cairns, where we launched from, is a nice little touristy town with a couple things to do to keep you busy if you still have the energy when you get back from swimming.

I read that a number of people had complaints about how crowded the boat was, but in April he boat was maybe, MAYBE, half booked. That left a lot of open water for us to explore.

If I was going to give anyone tips about preparing, the two I would give are
1. If you have ANY motion sickness issues, get something for it or buy the 3 tabs they offer as soon as you get on board. A number of people were extremely ill because the waters near the shore were so choppy. One poor guy went through 6 vomit bags on the way back in.
2. Find out what people who snorkel you can find out online probably do to keep their masks from fogging up. Having to keep stopping to defog your mask will take away from your experience.

Recensione di: Allan B , maggio 2016

Excellent trip. Weather was good to us. Information and personnel top notch. The Reef is amazing.

Recensione di: gezkeller , gennaio 2016

A diversity of the crew in nationality and languages spoken was impressive.
Picture souvenirs were a bit pricey! Reasonable cost for lycra/wet suit rental!
A variety of food selection of different nationality tourists was excellent!

Recensione di: marta , ottobre 2015


Recensione di: barwinmd , ottobre 2015

Superb experience, trip highlight

Recensione di: Jennifer Mary A , settembre 2015


Recensione di: Lynn G , giugno 2015

I thought the trip was excellent! The crew was very knowledgeable and made the experience fun and informative. I WOULD Definitely recommend this trip to anyone.

Recensione di: macottone , giugno 2015

Beyond words. The day was overcast but the reef was clear, warm. I took the guided snorkeling tour and the guide took us to the best spots to see the most amazing part of the reef. Incredible!

Recensione di: XIAOCONG W , marzo 2015

Absolutely life-time experience! Excellent food !

Recensione di: John B , dicembre 2014

This tour was the highlight of our trip! It was truly magical swimming among the fish and seeing the coral.
The ride out was a bit long but worth it.

Recensione di: Alan W , febbraio 2014

Done this trip before and it is amazing. Could not do it this time because of weather conditions

Recensione di: Bob L , febbraio 2017

Was a GREAT DAY... But was listed as FULL Day. Only out to Reef till 1:30 pm So a Little Disappointed in that. But the tour and activities were OUTSTANDING

Recensione di: Cahli W , Australia, luglio 2016

The cruise out to the reef was pleasant. The crew were very friendly and helpful. They were very knowledgeable about the reef and the tourism attractions within the outer reef areas. The only issue we had was that the food was not attractive for our younger child however it was very tasteful and plentiful for adults and youth.

Recensione di: Jane T , maggio 2016

Very enjoyable cruise and the Barrier Reef was spectacular.

Recensione di: gchasebc , ottobre 2015

The wind was a bit strong when we went out so the boat ride was a bit rough at times but the crew were very efficient and accommodating.

Recensione di: Carolyn M , marzo 2014

Wish we could have been in Cairnes longer, but we did have one problem with this trip that truly should be noted. My husband and I signed up for the hard hat underwater experience. We were never told ther could be medical conditions of this trip, and when he filled out blood pressure they would not let him go. They said if he had note from his doctor it would have been OK. We would have like to have known in advance.

Recensione di: bernadette b , giugno 2013

Again the weather was gorgeous and the ride out to the reef just beautiful. Had a great time. The food was very good and there was plenty. Also, the staff kept the line moving and didn't allow people to cut in.

Recensione di: Elodie K A , giugno 2013

Equipage super! Voyage en mer super, découverte magique, nager avec une tortue ça n'a pas de prix! Les prix des photos a bord sont très chers, c'est dommage! Le buffet était très bon également, a refaire dans quelques années!

Recensione di: Mario , dicembre 2016

This is one of many tour companies offering 'reef' tours. This was an 'ok' tour experience. We were taken to the Agincourt Reef, with the pontoon which was showing its wear and tear. The trip to the reef was quite rocky and several people got sick which is something to be expected. The crew provided free ginger capsules which did not seem to be effective. Anything more potent was to be purchased and used 30 minutes before the drug took effect. On the reef itself, the instructions were very good, with videos etc informing people not to touch coral etc. The announcements were also made in Chinese though it did not seem they cared to either listen or concerned about reef animals. In addition, I was pushed around a bit as personal space and manners appeared to be lacking in many of the Chinese visitors. The snorkle experience was very safe with life jackets, clean equipment, etc. The staff did tend to push overpriced cameras, helicopter rides, etc etc...The reef itself seemed very devoid of fish. Not sure why. This was my 4th time to the GBR and never saw anything as odd as fish on the reef .

Recensione di: Philip D , maggio 2016

The trip was good. The scruba equipment was outdated and could use an update. The pictures taken were hard to see so I didn't bother to try very hard to fine ours.

Recensione di: Patricia S , novembre 2015

We did the seawall. As I am short it was somewhat scarey that they pushed me down - I could not touch the walk floor as I was short AND the water came up to my neck and they slammed down the helmet on my head - If you are not short, it would be much better however, I did not realize that the water would be so high in the helmet. It would be great if there was a stool or something for short people to stand on. Also, they bended your head to get the helmet on and then said it was our fault as we bent our necks as that was why there was so much water in the helmet. The helmet weight about 40 lbs and they hoisted it on your head by a pulley. The ad says that your hair doesn't get wet however, that is not 100 percent correct.