• Luogo: George Town, Grand Cayman
  • Durata: 60 minuti (appross.)

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Recensione di: Adelita C A , luglio 2016

Really enjoyed this experience of seeing and being under the clear water in Cayman. Something we wouldn and #39;t have experienced otherwise since we do t scuba dive. Loved it.

Recensione di: Robert T , marzo 2016

The tour was excellent. The sub made a circuit that lasted about 50 minutes. Nice selection of critters in view and saw a couple of sunken reef/ ships. Great tour guide and ship crew. Knowledgeable and friendly.
Only hassle was the time zone- boat vs. local time so we almost missed our slot time and the requirement to have a printed voucher despite that is says electronic voucher is accepted.

Recensione di: John T , USA, aprile 2011

Excellent. Great views from all windows. The fish feeding was a frenzy of activity and the diver was completely covered with fish to where you could hardly see him.
Recommend highly.

Recensione di: Jack L , USA, aprile 2009

I would have enjoyed a longer tour but sure can't complain.

Recensione di: Scott G , agosto 2016

Very informative. Neat views.

Recensione di: Eric G , giugno 2015

My wife and I thought it was a good thing to do, and we would recommend this to others if we know that they are coming to your area.

Recensione di: JOAN M F , marzo 2015

it wa very intersting and eduacational. Diver feeding he fish fun to see and the fish loved him.

Recensione di: Angela Lee , Canada, giugno 2013

Amazing views of coral reefs, sunken ship wrecks and fish.

Recensione di: Ceceline B , USA, ottobre 2011

This was a rather short trip. I was expecting more bit I did enjoy the show. The narrator made it fun. Maybe I chose the wrong day to go as the cruise ship was intown. I would recommend to fellow travellers.

Recensione di: Anonimo , USA, aprile 2010

This was a great trip for the non-swimmer. Fortunately, we had a very light load and had free roaming.

Recensione di: Roger H , febbraio 2017

Motored around close to shore in a congested area, not very exciting