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Recensione di: Sever F , novembre 2016

This tour was both entertaining and informative. Our tour guide was deeply passionate about these animals and we got a very good understanding about the situation of elephants in Thailand and why these types of camps are needed. The whole tour revolved around the elephants' daily schedule of eating, walking and bathing and we got to participate hands-on in each of these activities. The elephants are only ridden bare-back and we got very clear instructions on how to direct them. Besides that, the mahouts are always stay near the elephant so the situation is under control. Although the tour is priced more than other tours, all the money goes towards the elephants so I would do it again anytime.
Unfortunately we also had some hiccups in the morning with the departure time. I would recommend to confirm departure time couple of days before and not the the evening before the tour, since there might be confusions that need to be clarified.

Recensione di: Andrew U , agosto 2016

Great experience. They treat the elephants in the best possible way. We had the opportunity to feed the elephants, ride them bareback as well as bathe them at the end of the ride. I took my two girls 12 and 14 and it was perfect for kids that age.

Recensione di: Brittany M , luglio 2016

Highly recommend this elephant park and experience. Wonderful day filled with people who really help you understand the elephants and truly care about their well being!

Recensione di: Harriet C , luglio 2016

Excellent opportunity to interact with elephants. A lot of fun!

Recensione di: Barb S , luglio 2016

What an amazing day!!
Chi , our guide was friendly, very informative , and spoke great english ! Everyone one at the camp was super nice and loved being close with the elephants- All of the mahouts and tour guides care about the elephants and making your day unforgettable!

Recensione di: Valerie G , luglio 2016

very good trip, elephants seems to be well treated

Recensione di: Adam M , giugno 2016

I can't imagine a better experience with the elephants. We got to feed, them, ride them, and even bathe with them if you chose. Great that they provided us clothes. I would recommend wearing flip flops or going barefoot. The bugs were vicious, but the guides were great, food good, and the overall experience, one of a kind!

Recensione di: Gordon D , maggio 2016


Recensione di: Caroline E , novembre 2015

Amazing!! Our guide Aof was brilliant - definitely recommend this tour for people visiting Chiang Mai

Recensione di: Philip V , agosto 2016

We had a very friendly guide Ching and we spent a nice time with the elephants. The lunch was good and we enjoyed our trip.

Recensione di: Elke W , aprile 2016

It wars a good day

Recensione di: Shing L , novembre 2016

First Viator experience but not the first elephant park experience. I wouldn't recommend this company/ elephant park at all for two reasons 1 they just wasted my time with little activities major idling time 2 the elephants are not treated nicely they claimed to be

0815 they said they would come this time but they were late. we are the 2nd group of customers, the shuttle came past 830

10ish we arrived the farm after spending an hour picking up after customers scattered in chiang mai area and 45-50 mins going to the farm

we were dressed in uniform and idled over 30 mins for nothing

11ish we were taken to feeding time. we fed a line of elephants and it was ok. unlike other farms, we did not get to know our own elephants but feeding all of them in the line.

11is to 12ish we stood and listened to the guide taking over 30 mins. We were all tired without getting a chance to sit in the feeding area. I felt that the guide was trying to talk slow and talk many other things for delaying to the next activity.
without water and being so hot and tired, i wanted to faint

12ish Then we were sent to the waiting area AGAIN and waited over 30 mins for nothing.
Then moved to another area listening to training.

1ish Then had lunch and waited 30 mins for us to relax and we sit there doing nothing. other people from my group were lying on the hammocks but we did not get an available one so we just sat there doing nothing.

2ish Then elephant ride finally started. we were randomly assigned to one elephant and started hiking/ walking until we got to the bathing area with elephant

like it is mentioned in other reviews, the elephant called NANA tried to leave the bathing pond and the mahout used his hook to force the elephant to stay in the pond. i saw many holes on her head and i am sure the trainer/ mahout did not use to ethnically as baanchang farm has advertised themselves using it for protect the lives of people in extremely condition?

3ish we finished and waited again after shower time and we asked the guide if we could leave ASAP as we are all bored in waiting

3ish we left but they needed to drop customers off
450pm, we finally arrived back to the hotel which they claimed we would go back from 4-430pm in the itinerary

I don't like this farm at all because

1. All my knowledge came from other elephant farm not baanchang. they didn't even tell us how to bath the elephant. they didn't teach us how to check the elephant health and etc

2. I am fine if they use hook and chain necessarily but the mahout used hook to forced elephant down to the water. I heard they said they only used it when they had to. After my gf yelled at the mahout, he pulled the elephant ear down to get the same result. i also consider if they are having the same group of elephants carrying/ entertaining different groups of visitors in a day. otherwise we would not have to wait that long and they wouldn't have two time slot of activities per day

3. Lunch is very average comparing to the other. they served tasteless pad thai and some raw and sour pineapples. lukewarm fish ball soup. the other i had been served so many variety of fruits and delicate food.

4. we had to pay for our photos. The photos they charged 900baht but quality is really bad. None of the photo has a full elephant with the legs chopped out. it was terrible. no one ever told the staff how to take proper photos.

5. last not not least, i spent 70 of my time there sitting and idling. i felt so bored during the whole process except the riding time and feeding time which ended so fast