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Recensione di: Anonimo , luglio 2010

only problem, felt the seats were a little low. Had to sit on edge to boost myself up to see, but once I did, I enjoyed everything. My husband, who is usually very reserved, was yelling & cheering right along with the crowd. We came out hoarse, but was worth it.

Recensione di: Kenneth E. T , USA, agosto 2008

We had a wonderful time, looking forward to returning.

Recensione di: Buddy H , USA, agosto 2008

This was the first time we ever been. My son gets bored real quick and he did not get that way.

Recensione di: Johnny M , USA, gennaio 2008

I recommend this to all who have children ages 5-10. It was fun for me, my son who is really into knights, dragons, dinosaurs, and live interactive scenes; my daughter and my ex-wife. The dinner was perfect, the wait staff was interactive and funny, and the show was great. It was 2-2.5 hours long and none of us wanted it to end. While I loved watching my kids interact by booing and cheering for their sides they loved having to get up close and personal with the actors. After the show and dinner the knights, princess, and animals were all easily accessed and that made it all the better for the little ones. With a full belly and a good show I will return when ever I get the chance. Go see this show! Take the kids! Let them get the food on their clothes!!!!

Recensione di: David T , USA, marzo 2010

Lots of fun

Recensione di: Monisha C , USA, gennaio 2008

Great entertainment and pretty good food! Maybe a once in a lifetime event for the family.