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Recensione di: Josie R , novembre 2016

Very good day, super guide, Mohammad, made the day very interesting. A little rushed at times but lots to see and do, so to be expected.

Recensione di: Saqib S , ottobre 2016

Beautiful masjid.

Recensione di: Ann B , ottobre 2016

Wonderful. I highly recommend it. Our guide, Hafiz Ali was very knowledgeable, entertaining and engaging.

Recensione di: Kathleen D , settembre 2016

Tour was very informative. The visit to the Sheik Zayed mosque is worth the trip to Abu Dhabi. Gorgeous.

Recensione di: Shane K , agosto 2016

EVERYTHING was amazing, wish we had more time at Ferrari world, driver was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. Would highly recommend and hope to spend more time there one day.

Recensione di: cccarol626 , luglio 2016

My tour got off to a rough start. The pick up van had trouble finding my hotel. But with the help of Rayna Day Tours and the receptionist at my hotel through phone calls, he eventually found me. I really enjoyed this tour. It was a lot to see in a day, but when you only have a day to tour Abu Dhabi, it's perfect. I was glad for the time we had to visit the Sheik Zayed Mosque. It was spectacular!! I also enjoyed visiting the dates market. I bought some and brought them home with me and am still enjoying them.

Recensione di: Kurt B , luglio 2016

The tour was the most amazing time ive had, Adnan Sabir and his brother the tour guys were amazing nice people good jokes they actually make you laugh and have a good time while learning all the things about the city I highly recommended you will not regret it.
I had an amazing Birthday week

Recensione di: Lincoln L , luglio 2016

This tour was amazing!

Recensione di: Chrishawn D , giugno 2016

This is a must see if you visit Dubai. We had a van come to the hotel and pick us up in the morning and drove for about an 1.5hrs to Abu Dhabi. Our tour guide was hilarious, he had us laughing the entire trip which didn't feel long at all. We move a few stops to attractions but I stayed in the van because I really was only there for the Grand Mosque.
After about 2-3 stops we finally got to the Sheik Mosque which was just the high light for me. Once we got there the driver let us all disburse and do our own thing and gave us a time to be back. I was the only person in the group that wasn't Muslim so I couldn't enter with the others, instead I had to go all the way around. Which was fine with me but I wanted to stay with one of the ladies that I met on the van. They allowed us to go inside the mosque, go down stairs and wash our feet and pray and just about anywhere.
After we went to the other attractions listed, which I really wasn't concerned about so I cant give a review. My only wish was that we spent more time at the mosque. I am a photographer and really was disappointed that I wasn't able to get more photos. An hour just isn't enough time for a such a grand place that I could spend all day. A lot of the other activities no one was interested in and could have been removed for more time at the Mosque.

Recensione di: Mariawati O , giugno 2016

A useful trip with lots of information from the tour guide. Visit to the mosque is unforgettable moment. Hopefully the time allocated for the mosque trip could be lengthen a bit as the mossque is very big and thus require more time. Bought Ajwa dates from the market and it is such a good quality!!

Recensione di: Hariprasad , India, giugno 2016

Excellent Bus Tour. 24 hours package with Night Package is worth it! The tour guide Elina was very helpful and knowledgeable. She tool lot of interest in guiding and gave lot of details about the attractions

Recensione di: SukiRaye , United States of America, aprile 2016

The tour was wonderful. Our tour guide, Muhammad, was filled with wonderful history about Abu Dhabi, all the buildings, the unification of the Arab Nations, and upcoming changes/modifications to the area. I learned so much in that day. Additionally, the lunch break at Heritage Village was absolutely delicious. The meals were ready upon our arrival and the package deal was very reasonable for the buffet. I am recommending all of my friend's who are visting the area to use this service.

Recensione di: Joanne T , marzo 2016

Awesome experience. Didn't actually end up going into the mosque because record breaking rains caused flooding/damage to the area so I can't blame the company. But everything else was great.

Recensione di: krista.helman , novembre 2015

This was a great tour to quickly visit Abu Dhabi from Dubai. Great value, and was well scheduled. I wish we maybe had just a bit more time at the mosque, but aside from that I have no complaints!

Recensione di: Gino C , novembre 2015

its a mosque and it massive, spectacular in every way, women have to ware covering clothing nothing see through and head covering needed,you can take photos every where unless signage indicates you cant. value for money,

Recensione di: Gabor F , settembre 2015

Amazing tour guide. It was a very nice day trip. I highly recommend this trip to everybody! We had an amazing time! Thank you very much!

Recensione di: vijghen , novembre 2016

Main attractions visited.

Recensione di: Heather , marzo 2016

A good tour. Sheik Zayed Mosque was the reason we picked this tour and it did not disappoint. Ladies please remember to wear long trousers, pop a long sleeve blouse to cover your t shirt and a head scarf in your bag to put on when you get there. Men also long trousers and you will have no trouble gaining entry. It still amazes that some people don't use a little common sense! At Heritage village stop they seem to want you to use the restaurant at your expense so if you don't want to take a snack with you as there is plenty of space to walk around. Toilets leave a lot to be desired so make sure you use the ones at the Mosque before you leave. I would recommend this tour.

Recensione di: Monil V , gennaio 2016

The tour is pretty straightforward but it was the tour guide Adnan who made it a good one.

Recensione di: isabelmkeogh , settembre 2016

Went to an exhibition before going to the mosque, looked like they wanted to sell you things rugs etc we just scooted around. The mosque was amazing. We then went to a venue that was closed owing to holiday but a couple had booked lunch at the only place open a restaurant so if you didn't want to eat or drink in this restaurant there was nothing to do. The bus was open however, with the air conditioning on for you to sit. The palaces were ok to see, We then went to a date market where again they wanted to sell you dates.

Recensione di: Matthew B , settembre 2016

Pickup was somewhat confusing and had to have the hotel call the local number. On top of it we then got out of the van and met another group before departing.

It was Ramadan and Viator should've tailored the tour to what was open. It's why you have local people working. A couple we were with had to take the tour a second time because the Mosque was closed. when they got there the day before. We were not allowed to go into the Emirate Palace because the size of our group. The only stop really was the Mosque which as grand and beautiful but someone a waste of a day. I would highly suggest that when Ramadan is going on that the tour be structured a different way.

Recensione di: Thomas K B , giugno 2016

Tour was nice and the tour guide was friendly but other than seeing the worlds most beautiful mosque, it appeared our tour guide was steering us toward shopping locations that pressured us us to buy overpriced goods.

Recensione di: Kjell-Ake A , giugno 2016

The guide was very bad in keeping the departure time after the different stops. He kept telling us to keep the time as we had a long day and then he was late. Not good at all.

Recensione di: Oleg S , giugno 2016

The tour was interesting , but not too mutch to see in Abu Dhabi

Recensione di: Soon Chien C , giugno 2016

Driver was on time to pick us up from hotel around 9am, however, while we're on the way to pick up another guest, the driver was lost and at the end we're the last group to meet up with others, we left Dubai about 10am only. The tour guide was good and humerous, the arranged lunch buffet also great, even it's a bit costly, but acceptable with the food quality May because of I was very hungry, as lunch after 2pm, and it's my first meal of the day due to flight delayed. A bit rush, but covered all the mentioned itinerary. Unfortunately, the day trip end uglily when we're transferred back to hotel. Because of traffic jam, they asked my and my sister to take another van, and requested us to cross the overhead bridge through metro station and walked back to hotel our own. The worst thing was they even dropped us at the wrong metro station, even though I had repeatedly to verify with the driver as it seems wrong location. At the end we had to ask around and spent almost 40 mins to figure out the direction and reach hotel. Would be better if the the driver can prepare early about pick up and drop off location in order to save time and for customer safety concern. Besides, I'm still waiting for victor to revert about their low price guarantee policy.