• Luogo: Dublin, Ireland
  • Durata: 12 ore 30 minuti (appross.)

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Recensione di: hrwtravel2003 , febbraio 2017

We were the only 2 people on this tour as it was in mid January and we couldnt have caught better weather! It was great as it turned out to be a personal tour of Kilkenny Castle and also a small tour at Waterford Crystal Factory of about 8 people where we actually got to interact with the people working at Waterford Factory as well as handle some of the famous trophies and statues.

Recensione di: Earl C , gennaio 2017

The tour started at the train station. Once we checked in they took care of everything. Liam was our guide. He was
wonderful and the trip was great! We really enjoyed it.

Recensione di: Janet G , novembre 2016

I would highly recommend this tour. The tours that we booked thru Viator, were conducted by Rail Tours. THIS IS THE ONLY WAY TO TAKE A TOUR. We were treated like Royalty. We were accompanied throughout the entire tour, which was wonderful. , We had reserved seats on the train portions of the tour, so we were always able to sit together. They provided taxi service where necessary. This was a very wonderful experience.

Recensione di: JEFFREY R. E , novembre 2016

A full day of travel, beauty, information and history - this tour was fabulous! And our tour guide, Liam, was the BEST!!!

Recensione di: Martin F , agosto 2016

Brian was an ideal tour guide.

Recensione di: Cheryl , agosto 2016

This was a good trip. The Waterford tour was very interesting. The train trip through the country side was beautiful and made for a relaxing day. We were even audience to a couple of locals who knew we were all tourist and they broke into song It's a long way to Tipperary. It was a fun day....a bit of walking wear comfy shoes......

Recensione di: lebner , luglio 2016

Liam was awesome. We had basically a private tour, it was just my mother, myself and the tour guide. Liam was extremely knowledgeable and personable. We loved the Kilkenny castle and the tour of the Waterford Crystal factory.

Recensione di: Judy B , luglio 2016

The train trip mas nothing short of amazing. Seeing the lush landscape and farms was a dream come true. Out tour guide was courteous, entertaining, protective and most of all informed on all of our destinations I highly recommend this tour.

Recensione di: Gulnawaz K , giugno 2016

This tour was amazing!

Recensione di: Beth B , giugno 2016

The tour guides were helpful from start to finish! He even changed our train tickets so that we could spend more time in Waterford by ourselves since the tour was scheduled to leave earlier than we wanted to. We LOVED Kilkenny but it was a Bank Holiday and most of the shops were closed, we wanted to go back but couldn't find the time. We didn't have enough time to really explore Waterford after the crystal tour and shopping but the tour is well worth the time that it took!

Recensione di: Tami B , giugno 2016

Kilkenny was great. Took the train tour which allows one to see the sights from a more personal level. The crystal factory was incredible. Again, the Irish people are wonderful, the driver and guide were great.

Recensione di: Emily T , giugno 2016

We had a great time on this tour! Paddy is a wonderful, knowledgeable guide, and kept everything running smoothly. Personally, I would have liked to spend more time in Kilkenny only had time to see the castle, and not the design center, instead of spending the afternoon doing the scenic train ride between Waterford and Limerick Junction. The scenery was nice, but at that time in the afternoon, everyone fell asleep! However, everything else about the tour was great, and I would definitely recommend it.

Recensione di: Denise W , giugno 2016

The trip was FANTASTIC!! Out tour guide made the trip even better. We had a small delay, no fault of the tour, and our guide made even that unimposing. You have a great employee there, don't loose him. As for the tour, it was everything we had hoped for and more. No changes recommended. I will travel again and use your business. A big thank you to your company.

Recensione di: alanrsq , maggio 2016

This day trip was excellent. It was very organized, educational and a lot of fun! Our tour guide Paddy M. was amazing. He is so informative about the sites, history and fun facts. We had the best day.

Recensione di: Ellen W , gennaio 2016

This was a great tour.Brian Scott is a very knowledgeable tour guide and is able to relate an unbelievable amount of history. The pub lunch at your own expense was one of the best meals I had on this trip. The Waterford tour was impressive. The only negative is I would have liked to have the time to tour Kilkenny Castle.

Recensione di: Cwatts , settembre 2015


Recensione di: Margaret B , luglio 2015

Well worth the money, lovely rail trip with beautiful scenery. Liam was our tour guide and he was wonderful. Liam was very knowledgeable and took excellent care of us bon the tour.

Recensione di: Janice B , giugno 2015

Our tour guide, Liam was the absolute best! He is a wonderful tour guide and conversationalist. The day couldn't have been much better.

Recensione di: Robert S , giugno 2015

We had a wonderful time with our guide, Liam Mooney, visiting Kilkenny and the Waterford Crystal Factory. I would have liked some extra time to explore Kilkenny a bit more and some time also in Waterford. The Crystal Factory was amazing!

Recensione di: David S , luglio 2016

Great trip and really enjoyed the Kilkenny tour and the Waterford Crystal tour. The tour does make for a long ride on the train coming back. I would try to find a way to allow for time to explore Waterford on your own. I think some time could be allocated from Waterford tour ro allow for coloring g Waterford.
I would recommend this tour to others

Recensione di: jdjcassel , giugno 2016

The train ride was very scenic. Our guide Paddy was very helpful. Kilkenny was so quaint and the castle was very nice to see. We enjoyed the tour at waterford and had a very nice time. Even though our trip fell on a bank holiday it was still a highlight of our time in Ireland!

Recensione di: Irene C , maggio 2016

Our tour guide was excellent, friendly and very knowledgeable.
The tour was great.

Recensione di: Kathleen J , ottobre 2016

This tour was better than three stars, however I down-graded the event because of the rail repairs performed on Saturdays. When we arrived at 7:00 a.m. we were told we would have to get on a bus and ride to Athy to catch the train there and continue on the rest of the tour. We had been touring all week on a bus and this was not very good news. We were told that there was usually rail construction going on on Saturdays. I recommend you do not book this tour on a Saturday. The tour itself was very good and our guide, Paddy, was wonderful. However, because of the rail work our tour was extended an extra 2 hours and we didn't arrive back to Dublin until 9:30. We were all tired and had to catch an early morning flight. Being that late, none of us felt like finding a restaurant and eating dinner. Our lunch in Waterford was substantial, and very good, so we were okay without a late night dinner, but it made the tour less than a 4 or 5 star experience.

Recensione di: Heather S , settembre 2015

The trip is a great value, but I would have preferred more time in Kilkenny. The Waterford tour was interesting though.

Recensione di: woodstreamdream , ottobre 2016

We arrived at Heuston Station early, just before 7am for our 7:25 departure. Liam was our guide for the day. We were taken by bus significantly better than US buses, cleaner and Disneyworld coach-esque to Athy because of rail line maintenance. From Athy we took the train to Kilkenny also superior to the US rail system - food service, clean, bright, crisp audio from the engineer. None of the travel delays/changes were an issue for us.
Our first stop was a local church, beautiful architecture and stained glass. Liam told us interesting tidbits on the walk into Kilkenny about different buildings and the history of the town, stopping in the local butcher shop for a 10 minute chat quaint, but I could have done without. We wandered about the grounds of Kilkenny Castle for about 15 minutes, but time prohibited a tour of the castle. That was quite a disappointment. Instead we were shuttled around town for 30 minutes in a small tram vehicle with a prerecorded message about the sights. My husband and I would have skipped this entirely, it was a waste of time. We would have preferred to explore the castle or local brewery on our own. Once off of the tram, we had about 30 minutes to explore and shop before we headed back to the train to Waterford. The countryside from the train was stunningly beautiful.
We were taken from the train in Waterford by taxi to the predetermined luncheon place. The food was delicious and affordable. After lunch we crossed the street to the Waterford Crystal Factory. The tour was very informative! I enjoyed seeing the craftsmen working at almost each step of the process. It was a Saturday and I guess certain departments don't work weekends - completely understandable. We had about two more hours of free time to explore Waterford on our own before meeting to go back to the train. In that time we were able to visit the Medieval Museum, walk around town to see some of the outdoor sites, and browse shops. Once our free time was over, we were taxied to the train station in a round about way through town with some more information from the cabby.
The train and bus ride back to Dublin were uneventful. Liam directed the majority of the group to the taxis and pointed us in the direction to our hotel as we preferred a walk back since the weather was clear and warm. The tour day was longer than scheduled due to the maintenance on the tracks. We would have arrived back close to 8pm, but instead we were back at about 9pm. This was not a problem for us.
On all it was an okay day. We would have liked to increase our time in Kilkenny, had a tour of the castle, and eliminate the tram tour completely. The free time in Waterford was what we hoped to have in both towns - learning information on our own of the history of the town and Ireland.
In hindsight we would have bought rail tickets to Kilkenny and done our own exploring for the day there. We didn't know what to expect with this being our first tour and first trip to Ireland.