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Recensione di: Karen P , Spain, febbraio 2017

The boat, food and staff were amazing for this one day stopover tour. The weather wasn't brilliant but we enjoyed the kayaking and boat trip to the pearl farm. In sunny weather it must be fantastic.

Recensione di: Mario C , gennaio 2017

Mr. Jackie was a great guide. The food was great. Our accomadations were good for the price we paid.

Recensione di: carole.lyall , novembre 2016

This trip was amazing. Our boat had only 12 guests on board so we all shared one big dining table. The food was exceptional. 7 courses for each meal.
Our Rep was 'Jackie Chan' he was great and ensured everything ran smoothly. We went swimming in the afternoon but we had a choice of kayaking, swimming or going to a local floating village.
As there are so many companies to choose from it was pure luck that we picked this one and what a good choice it turned out to be.
P.S. They even extended the Happy Hour until 9pm which was good as the drinks were a bit pricey!

Recensione di: Paul S , giugno 2016

This was such a great start to Vietnam and such am amazing place to see. You'll love just cruising around with a drink in your hand just taking it all in and the food is great as well. This tour is a must if you intend to visit Vietnam. This was by far the best thing I did in Vietnam and will be something I remember for a very long time.

Recensione di: Diana B , ottobre 2015

The bus was on time when picking us up and the staff were all really nice and helpful. I told them I am vegetarian and they prepared special meal for me. The itinerary was according to the schedule and we had so much fun with kayaking in the cave. The meal was also nice and fresh.

Recensione di: Karen G , novembre 2016

It was a really nice experience. Just have two suggestions:
1. Please don't oversell the experience. And this i say to the guides there. Tourists don't need to eb constantly reminded how beautiful the place or the boat is. They can see it for themselves.
2. Secondly, I didn't like the fact that the staff took extra care for the first meals and by the time we reached the last meal, it was like they were in a hurry to get us off. No napkins provided either, inspire of me asking them for the same! And they were setting up the table for th next batch - beautiful napkins laid out in front of my eyes after having refused me. :- Not a big deal, but didn't expect this callousness

Recensione di: Brittany S , dicembre 2016

This tour was nice but not what I expected. The scenery was beautiful and and the staff were amazing but expected more from the fishing villages and overall trip. The rooms were clean but no hot water to shower (we had cold weather). I did not enjoy the food and the prices of drinks were inflated.

Recensione di: Catia Marlene P , gennaio 2017

Ich hatte damals viele Angebote für Halong bay geschaut und hab mich für diese Tour lediglich wegen des Programms entschieden insbesondere wegen der Amazing Cave. Das war ein sehr schlechte Entscheidung.
Ich habe nichts getan was in der Tourbeschreibung versprochen wurde und da ich allein in der Kabine war, müsste ich zzgl. 40 zu den 121 zahlen...Dies wurde mir erst mitgeteilt, als ich ins Boot einsteigen wollte. Zu der Programmänderung hat der Guide gesagt, dass es seit Januar geändert wurde und es wäre nicht Oriental Sails Pflicht irgendwas zu erstatten oder anzubieten, wenn man es im Internet bucht.. Also...ich habe viel zu viel bezahlt für fast kein Programm, was Sehenswürdigkeiten angeht..
Ich habe lediglich die Surprise Cave no big deal und die Fishing Village gesehen...Kajakfahren könnte man nur, wenn man auf die Fishing Village verzichten würde. Der Guide sagte uns, dass die Amazing Cave viele Touristen hätte und daher zu stressig wäre.
Bitte bucht nur vor Ort, viele Hotels bieten sogar noch Rabatte an. Alle die nicht übers Internet gebucht haben, haben weniger bezahlt und zumindest wussten, dass es nicht so viel passieren würde. Trotzdem waren ein paar total enttäuscht von der Tour. Hat wirklich nichts besonderes mit Oriental Sails... Ich würde einen anderen Anbieter empfehlen z.B. Viola Cruise

Ich hätte mich gefreut, wenn ich die Leistung bekäme, wofür ich bezahlt habe...
Sehr schlechte Erfahrung.