• Luogo: Key West, Florida
  • Durata: 2 ore (appross.)

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Recensione di: Alice S , maggio 2015

wonderful tour. Our tour guide Jo was very well informed. She told us interesting stories about the places we visited. It was a lot of fun!

Recensione di: Charles R R , marzo 2015

we had a great time learning about the town lore. our tour guide jo was excellent,

Recensione di: Margaret M , marzo 2015

Great historical haunted stories ! Deepens your desire to hear more. Of course, visiting the pubs is always a plus as well.

Recensione di: Karen , marzo 2015

Fun tour guide knowledgeable of history - last stop was the best!!

Recensione di: Colleen T , ottobre 2014

Very fun and interesting! Our tour guide was dynamic and compelling. Well worth the admission.

Recensione di: Joseph P E , marzo 2014

Great tour, tour guide was really knowledgable. Key west is lots of fun!

Recensione di: MrKid1960 , febbraio 2014

Our Tour guide was nice and very informative. The only spirits we saw were in our drinks.

Recensione di: Kathleen W , gennaio 2014

So much fun! The guide was amazing. I love doing a hunted tour when I'm in a new place. You learn some history that you may not have.

Recensione di: Robert B , gennaio 2014

Very informative. Best tour we ever took and we have been on them all.

Recensione di: David B , dicembre 2013

excellent tour, the guide was very knowledgable about key west. highly recommended. haven't uploaded my pics yet, but can't wait to see them on a large screen! want to return ad do it again!

Recensione di: miechelle b , luglio 2013

Had the best time. Tour guide was very nice, but frankly, my daughter and I got lucky with the tour group. We meshed so well and had so much fun that most of us have stayed friends post vacation. I have to give our guide props for her patience because we got a little out of hand here and there. :-) Also- I want to say this is the best tour deal in town, because of the really nice t-shirt that's included in your fee. All the tours are about the same price give or take a dollar or two, but only this one gives you a free t-shirt and it's a really nice one- not a thin, crappy one. We had a great time and will definitely do it again.

Recensione di: Kyle M , giugno 2013

Guide was excellent and very informative!!! Awesome storyteller! Would highly recommend!

Recensione di: Raquel P , giugno 2013

The guide was wonderful! She was very knowledgable about the places we visited.

Recensione di: rosienrandy , giugno 2013

Had a blast !! A must do !

Recensione di: Gail W , gennaio 2013

We did the tour the first night we were in Key West. It was a great way to get oriented to the area and learn history about the town. It has more meaning to have history of the place you are visiting. Plus it is a fun way to get acquainted to the life style - ghost and all!

Recensione di: Alan K , maggio 2015

The Haunted Pub Crawl was a lot of fun. Highly recommend Jo as a tour guide.

Recensione di: lynn g , aprile 2015

Very nice easy walking tour of old town key west. Our guide was Jo, who was very interesting and very knowledgeable. Didn't see any apparitions, but they may have seen us. Recommended

Recensione di: Pamela U , gennaio 2013

This tour was a fun way to spend a couple of hours. The tour guide was a good storyteller and we loved the stories about the haunted bars and other local buildings. Recommend this tour.

Recensione di: Walter W , ottobre 2015

Die Führung war o.k. , die Geschichten weltweist ähnlich.

Recensione di: Paul H , febbraio 2013

As long as you keep the complimentary t-shirt as part of the package the tour has overall value. Our tour guide was very nice and knowledgeable about Key West "lore" but the places visited (with the exception of Capt. Tony's) were really of little (haunted story) value. Let's just say that we have been on each of the three "ghost" tours we know are available in Key West and the other two didn't need to provide t-shirts to justify the fare. Just not enough "meat" to the tour, but we had fun anyway.

Recensione di: CECILE V , gennaio 2017

LÉGENDE DÉJÀ CONNUES RIEN D ' EXTRAORDINAIRE, le guide est un bon orateur qui s'implique..

Recensione di: merikay w , gennaio 2015

a little informational .. guide didn't seem "into it" like other tours I have been on more of a history lesson than a haunted lesson

Recensione di: diana.solomon , giugno 2016

We were on the Key West Haunted Pub Crawl on Saturday and it was horrendous. Our Ghost host was Michelle who said um so many times that half the group lost interest and disappeared along the way. Seriously, if she's gonna be a tour host, she needs to do some practicing in front of a mirror. Constant um and um so um etc, kills communication. We stuck with it as long as possible, Googling the ghost stories with a few other participants to try and gain some understanding of what Michelle was struggling to share. Sadly, in addition to the horrible storytelling, while we did visit three pubs, one of them had no ghost story shared, another doubled as the morgue we were to visit, and there was no mansion explored whatsoever. Worst tour ever. :

Recensione di: Karen F , maggio 2016

Not a good experience! Our tour guide was a nice enough person Michele but a horrible story teller and speaker. Answered several questions withI don't know. If you are going to be giving guided tours, you should be up on your facts and information. Was only scheduled to visit three pubs but left before the third one because we just couldn't handle her anymore. Very disappointed!

Recensione di: Marni L , ottobre 2015

The employees were very nice but the tour and information given was terrible. Would never waste my time on this!