• Luogo: Kuching, Sarawak
  • Durata: 3 ore (appross.)

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Recensione di: Rachel S , agosto 2016

All very simple, our guide was lovely and we were lucky enough to see a few Orangutans. I would highly recommend this trip!

Recensione di: Richard S , luglio 2015

lots of orangutans around. nice park and well kept up.

Recensione di: Wendy E , settembre 2014

Was wonderful. It was fruiting season in the Forest. But we were so very lucky to see two. A mother and daughter. They were fed along the track and they are such wonderful creatures. The ranger who spoke to us when we went back to the shop was so very informative.

Recensione di: NEIL R , dicembre 2013

The tour was great our guide was very informative. We got to see only a few Orangutans on this trip as fruit was in season and most of the Orangutans were out and about. This is good to see that they do not rely on the Centre to feed them. All in all it was a good tour and seeing the Orangutans was magical.

Recensione di: Alan H , dicembre 2013

Excellent tour with a good guide.

Recensione di: Alejandro , settembre 2013

Very nice to see orangutans in the wild

Recensione di: Gordon H , luglio 2013

Saw 1 orangutan after 20 minutes then 3 more came, one a mother with baby attached.
Had good time.

Recensione di: Robert G , aprile 2013

An excellent chance to see Orang Utans in their natural habitat and also close up. I certainly would not argue with Ritchie (the male alpha) he smashed a bill board up with no effort at all, obviously in a bad mood! To see mum's and babies swinging effortlessly through the forest was excellent. An excellent trip.

Recensione di: Mary B , marzo 2013

My driver arrived bang on time no waiting around wondering if there was some communication problem. he was friendly and informative about the rehabilitation centre, how it functions, history, success rates etc etc. Also made it very clear that these are wild animals and do not just show up for tourists, which shows the program is working. I have to say though, I was overcome with joy and emotion that we did indeed see a mother and child Orangutan interacting out in the open and for some time. Giving everyone a wonderful chance to take photos,video and just watch the chance of a lifetime experience. What an amazing first day in Borneo for me.

Recensione di: Andrew W , Australia, giugno 2012

Feeding time open to the public lasts one hour.We went for the 9am feeding and was worried we were not going to see any Orangutans because as of 9.45am there was still no sign of them. Then five turned up and the staff were nice enough to let us stay till 10.20am. Great to see the apes swinging thru the trees doing what ever they wanted to do. Well worth it.

Recensione di: Ursula T , Australia, giugno 2010

This is a awesome tour for all ages. It is much better than the Sandacan tour unless you are staying in Sandican. You can get up close with the orangutans and do not have to trek far to do it. It is about an hour drive from town and the discription should state this. You only spend about 1 hour with the Orangutans.

Recensione di: Anonimo , Australia, giugno 2010

Thoroughly enjoyed the park! The keepers obviously enjoy their job and were very informative.

Recensione di: Steve N , giugno 2015

The tour was great, we were fortunate enough to see all the animals that were listed in the description.

Recensione di: Lisbeth T , marzo 2015

Det er ikke hverdag der er Orangutanger, da det jo er semi frihed de lever i og kun kommer til centeret når der ikke er frugt i junglen. Men de kommer der og det er helt sikkert turen værd at se om man er heldig den dag.

Recensione di: Robin F , novembre 2014

The disappointment with this tour is that orang utans did not appear. However, this was stressed to everyone before going to the observation platform. We were not too disappointed, as we have done this tour twice before and were lucky enough to them them on the 2 previous occasions. We were picked up and taken back to the hotel and it was a pleasant morning. The driver and guide, whose name I cannot recall (sorry) was very good. Recommend doing this, but don't be too disappointed if the orang utans don't appear - after all, it is up to them whether they come in or not.

Recensione di: Glenda B , agosto 2011

good going by 'private' car; friendly and interesting driver. always too little time with the orangs but worth evry minute.

Recensione di: James B , USA, giugno 2010

It was better than going to a zoo but the orangutans are not completely wild and are lured by food to a place for tourists to see them. That being said, it was great to see two mothers and young babies, however most of the orangutans did not show up because at this time of the year most stay in the rainforest to feed on natural fruit - so there were far fewer orangutans appearing than I was led to believe.

Recensione di: Hayley K , giugno 2015

The rehabilitation centre is brilliant and the orangutans fascinating. But this tour in my opinion is overpriced and the timings are not correct. There is no way this tour can be four hours long as the park is only open about an hour for feeding time and the drive is half hour each way. You may as well get a taxi. It will be much cheaper. But definitely worth visiting.