• Luogo: Madrid, Spagna
  • Durata: 8 ore (appross.)

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Recensione di: Denise R B , ottobre 2015

We booked a small group tour but because nobody else showed up, the four of us friends enjoyed a private tour with our guide, Marta. We weren't that interested in the winery so we spent the entire day in Toledo instead. The gastronomic lunch of roast lamb was excellent. Toledo deserves a full day. The Cathedral is spectacular and the views stunning. Marta spoke beautiful English, was knowledgeable, funny and a pleasure to be with. She made the day special.

Recensione di: Wendy M , agosto 2015

We were extremely fortunate because we were the only ones who showed up for this small group tour, so we ended up with a private tour. Our guide, Marta, was wonderful. So smart, passionate and informative and we learned so much about the history of this interesting Spanish city. We also really enjoyed the visit to the vineyard/winery and the accompanying wine tasting. I highly recommend this tour which I think would've been equally as good if there were a few other people in the group.

Recensione di: frank b , luglio 2015

muy bien en todo

Recensione di: Spanishdq , giugno 2015

Great tour - the guide was wonderful, informative....small group, winetasting....couldn't have been better.

Recensione di: Crsm58 , giugno 2015

This tour was amazing! Great tour guide!
Winery host and tour was incredible !

Recensione di: lgcrilley , giugno 2015

Excellent day!

Recensione di: Alan B , giugno 2015

This tour was amazing!

Recensione di: Yamila R , giugno 2015

This tour was amazing!

Recensione di: Michalis G , maggio 2015

Great tour with great guide. Toledo is beautiful and a must! Winery and wine tasting was great! I'll do the tour again and again!

Recensione di: melanie rudisill , ottobre 2014

Loved the entire tour! The tour guide was excellent, and the Wine Tasting was superb! Do this tour if you can!

Recensione di: Janet f , luglio 2014

I have been to Toledo many times and I am a huge fan of the city. Touring with a private guide was a great choice. The town was celebrating the feast of Corpus Chrisi, which added a new dimension to the tour. The wine and cheese stop at very charming place added to a wonderful day.

Recensione di: Santiago M , ottobre 2015

Great tour. Toledo is a must see city in Spain!

Recensione di: Kathleen M , agosto 2015

The small group tour was very enjoyable. I would recommend spending more time in town wandering around rather than going to the optional lunch.

Recensione di: philip.williams , agosto 2015

the tour guide was very informative and made the city that much more interesting by describing the unique history of it

Recensione di: Betty Boop 1962 , settembre 2014

This was a very good tour. I did not give it a 5 because they wasted a big bus on 9 people. Otherwise it was a great tour.

Recensione di: Cantabs , luglio 2016

A lot was covered and although we enjoyed each building we feel that a less time in each one would have been better. The guide seemed disinterested and failed to engage effectively with our group. She often spoke incessantly in a monotone voice before the group were even gathered.

Recensione di: Josephine H , aprile 2016

Skip the lunch the location was hilltop so the view was wonderful, but the food was way overpriced and just mass produced for the tourists. There must have been at least 200 people, all off of tour buses, in this restaurant. A couple that was travelling in our group hadn't ordered the lunch as part of the booking but decided at lunch time to share one order and it was the right call because there was enough food for two, and they saved considerably by paying directly rather than as part of the tour. Toledo was worth seeing as there is so much history there, but our guide was not very engaged. She was constantly texting on her phone, and seldom provided any information when we were on the bus, she just focused on her phone. The choice of winery was was down a long narrow road several kilometres and since it had rained, at one point we almost got stuck.

Recensione di: Claudia Marcela C , gennaio 2016

For the same price you can go by yourself and have triple the wine you drink and get to know the city better. It was a nice trip but too expensive for what you get.