• Luogo: Cascate del Niagara, Canada
  • Durata: 40 minuti (appross.)

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Recensione di: Joan B , ottobre 2016

We had a very nice time on this cruise. The falls were beautifully lit and the fireworks were fantastic. Would definitely recommend this.
Got a little wet but was worth it. The only down side was the convenience of parking.

Recensione di: Enilda A , ottobre 2016

Awesome! It is a must to do. We had a beautiful clear night and it made it a stunning unforgettable experience.

Recensione di: Julia F , settembre 2016

This was a great end to my vacation. Highly recommend this cruise.

Recensione di: Jen I , settembre 2016

Well run and well worth the price. We even had fireworks on our Friday Night Illumination was the perfect way to end our first day and first visit to Niagara Falls.

Recensione di: John E , settembre 2016

We loved this experience even though we were told you don't get as wet on this cruise. Evidently the wind shifted or something because we got drenched!!! lol

Recensione di: heidi s , settembre 2016

We have already gone on the day cruise the old maid of the mist but this was nicer. The illumination closeup was amazing! We got really close to the American falls. The mist wasn't near as bad as the day trip. We did wait in line for a long time to board the boat.

Recensione di: Margaret A , settembre 2016

The cruise was great. The Falls are not as lit up as any of the pictures you see - but beautiful! Be sure if you take a night cruise to do it on a night when they have fireworks. We went on a Sunday and I know they have them on Wednesdays. Not sure what other nights. Well worth it.

Recensione di: Pam D , agosto 2016

this was beautiful, and I would not have missed this

Recensione di: Laurie F , agosto 2016

This was an awesome way to view the falls at night with its beautiful illumination! The fireworks were great on the boat! One free drink, too! Absolutely loved it!

Recensione di: JoAnn E , agosto 2016

Great tour and very fun. Prepare to get wet, even with the ponchos they give out. If we ever go again, would like to do the day cruise.

Recensione di: Jamie S , agosto 2016

This was a beautiful experience. My 19 year old step daughter and her girlfriend loved it as well. It was amazing.

Recensione di: Debra M , agosto 2016

It was amazing! You get up close the falls and get wet, but very worth it.

Recensione di: Charles S , agosto 2016

Great time on the Illumination Cruise! Beautiful sight with the falls lit up!

Recensione di: Hélène B , luglio 2016

The illuminations are beautiful and Being very near the falls is unique but it was the fireworks whitch are the most amazing !

Recensione di: Rémy B , luglio 2016

Très belle visite, très complète... nous avons aimé !! belles couleurs aussi...

Recensione di: Janey A , luglio 2016

Awesome cruise! Very enjoyable. Great music and drinks. Only con- wine portions were on the small side.
Great cruise and price was super affordable!

Would definitely recommend! Next time we will do a day time cruise!

Recensione di: John H , luglio 2016

The view and fireworks display was awesome.

Recensione di: Suzanne B , luglio 2016

The cruise was amazing. It was enjoyable and relaxing. The evening was beautiful and the fireworks display was great. The illuminated falls were magnificent.

Recensione di: Phillip S , luglio 2016

This tour was absolutely incredible

Recensione di: Mitch U , luglio 2016

This tour was amazing!

Recensione di: Linda B , United States of America, luglio 2016

The tour was amazing and we thoroughly enjoyed the Niagara Falls tours!

Recensione di: Takashi N , luglio 2016

This tour was amazing!

Recensione di: sennanli , luglio 2016

It was the best trip ever! I did research on the firework schedule and I brought my girlfriend there, she loved it too.

Recensione di: patrice.kol , luglio 2016

Avec les lumières et le feu d'artifice, c'est magnifique.

Recensione di: Stephanie T , giugno 2016

This tour was amazing!