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Dressed up ready for a night at the Moulin Rouge

Jasmine G, Australia, gennaio 2008

This is me in front of the Moulin Rouge after the dinner and show. I decided to dress to the nines and make a night of it. I'm smiling because the show was entertaining and the people I met on the tour were lovely, plus the free wine!

Moulin Rouge

Robyn A, ottobre 2015

No photos allowed of show

part of the balcony seating areas

Traveller, Canada, luglio 2014

Lights everywhere - too bad we were not allowed to take a photo of the show itself - BUT the memory will linger for ever

the Ol' audience

Traveller, Canada, luglio 2014

Captured this view close to our table

What a Show!

Traveller, Canada, luglio 2014

a front view before we head to the hotel - awesome night out - will do it again if i get another chance

Heading to the Moulin Rouge

islandflower73, United States of America, agosto 2013

On the city Rama bus heading to the Moulin Rouge. The bus got there late, but the staff at the Moulin Rouge was friendly and on top of their game!!!!

Giddy! :)

islandflower73, United States of America, agosto 2013

Leaving the Moulin Rouge after a fabulous dinner and terrific show!!!