• Luogo: Scottsdale, Arizona
  • Durata: 2 ore 30 minuti (appross.)

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Recensione di: Joel K , febbraio 2017

It was a blast! My parents are in there 60's so I was worried that they would have problems on the segways.
They loved and were naturals.
Jared gave us good training before we got started on our tour and made sure we felt comfortable before leaving the
parking lot.
Jared gave a great tour with some sights and history included.
I would highly recommend this tour. I think my parents enjoyed this part of the trip as much as seeing the grand canyon.
Lea Ann

Recensione di: Gary K , gennaio 2017

Ryan was a great guide. He takes the time to ensure everybody's safety with regards to the operating of the Segway.
He's a native of Scottsdale, so he knows a little more about the town's history which allows him to go more in depth.
This is a real good tour of Scottsdale. Highly recommend it.

Recensione di: Kim S , ottobre 2016

We had a group of six, four of whom were beginner Segway riders. Josh did a great job of training us and then within a short time, we were on a way. It was a fun, efficient way to tour Scottsdale and I would do it again.

Recensione di: Michael , agosto 2016

Wonderful treat, especially the evening tour. Segways are fun to ride. Achieving the skill to ride comes quickly. Our guide was great and the evening simply full of things to learn and lots of fun!

Recensione di: Keterri B , luglio 2016

Amazing! We loved it.

Recensione di: Michael W , giugno 2016

It was a lot of fun and we highly recommend the trip!

Recensione di: Quincy G , luglio 2015

Jarrod was an awesome tour guide. If you're ever in Scottsdale, this is a must! Ask to ride with Jarrod as your tour guide, he's funny and full of information about the city as you tour. He took us through winding turns and taught us how to ride to get t he full effect. We will definetly go back!

Recensione di: Dave S , giugno 2015

David was a fantastic guide. Able to see miles of Scottsdale in a short period of time. David, our guide was very knowledgable and insightful. Would recommend!

Recensione di: kate h , giugno 2015

We had a great time. Devon made sure we were having fun and answered all our questions

Recensione di: Mike Z , giugno 2015

A lot of difficulty finding the exact location by not only ourselves but the rest of the tour group, even after e-mailing Viator for more specific instructions.
Once we got going, it's the best way to see Old Town Scottsdale. You cover a lot of ground in a short period of time and you can note the locations you would like to re-visit later.
A must do event while in Scottdale.

Recensione di: Abraham K , giugno 2015

Jared was a great tour guide. We had fun at our own pace and learned about Old Town Scottsdale while enjoying ourselves on a Segway. It was loads of fun and we highly recommend it.

Recensione di: Thomas T , marzo 2015

The segways and tour were great.

Your service on the other hand was 1 star. Your web site had the wrong address for the tour company.

Recensione di: Allan C , settembre 2016

Trip was well worth money

Recensione di: christine c , aprile 2016

I would recommend this tour of Old Town Scottsdale. Tour guide was very informative. Very friendly and made sure everyone was comfortable with the segways before taking the tour. I would recommend this tour, was a lot of fun.