• Luogo: Praga, Repubblica Ceca
  • Durata: 3 ore (appross.)

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Recensione di: GILL W , novembre 2016

this was a brilliant way to see Prague. our guide Arhno was awesome. we went to loads of great and unusual places and he was fascinating. i highly recommend this as a way to see the real Prague. he also recommended a great restaurant for local food

Recensione di: James E , ottobre 2016

Martina was very thorough. We had a great time and learned a lot. I highly recommend this tour.

Recensione di: Genabeth B , settembre 2016

Our guide, Martina, was fabulous!! She told us so much of the history of Prague and so clearly loved her subject matter! This was really a great tour!

Recensione di: Monica E , settembre 2016


Recensione di: Nancy J , settembre 2016

Honda was a fantastic guide! He showed us interesting places in Prague while explaining its history in a conversational tone. He was very friendly and set a good, comfortable pace.

Recensione di: William A , settembre 2016

Our tour guide John was fantastic! He had a degree in philosophy and history and he really put that to work as we explored Prague from a locals perspective. I wish we would have taken this tour early on since we found many fabulous things to try, see, and do. Perhaps next time!

Recensione di: anna k , settembre 2016

Martina, our guide was very knowledgeable and we had a lot of fun on this tour. Thanks!

Recensione di: Peter G , settembre 2016

Martina was an excellent guide showing interesting places that you normally would walk by and telling some of Prague's history. Highly recommended!

Recensione di: craftman1 , agosto 2016

Really fun way to see the city. Never would have seen the non tourist spots of Prague without this tour. Honza was the best. His insight was enlightenling and appreciated. stopping for some local food and drink was great too

Recensione di: Mikhail Z , agosto 2016

This was our most interesting experience in Prague. Our guide, young Mexican historian Argel Landeros, who lived there only six months was incredibly knowledgeable and showed us the City we would never be able to discover by ourselves. Be prepared to walk for two in our case 2.5 hours but it totally worth it.

Recensione di: MAURIZIO C , agosto 2016

Nice tour, highly recommended. Our guide was great, full of energy and knowledge of the city.

Recensione di: Osnah B , agosto 2016

Was absolutely amazing. Both my Boyfriend and I love to learn about the city and we did!
I would absolutely recommend....and Enjoy!

Recensione di: Liesl P , agosto 2016

Honza was an excellent guide!

Recensione di: Thomas M , agosto 2016

We thoroughly enjoyed this tour of some of Prague's less well known sites. Martina was an excellent guide and we saw so many great things and learned so much about Prague in just the 2.5 hours we were with her. This is a great tour for those who have already seen the big sites of the city. My favorite stop was the Kafka head, which is a great piece of art which we otherwise would have missed. Martina is a great guide and I recommend this tour!

Recensione di: Brian I , agosto 2016

Honza was awesome. Super knowledgeable, energetic, and all around great person. He knows a ton about architecture and philosophy and he combined the two to show us a completely unique side of Prague even though we remained within the Old Town. I would definitely recommend people book this tour with Honza.

Recensione di: Anna T , luglio 2016

This was a great thing to do on the first day of visiting Prague. A good way to find our way around the city and our guide was thorough and fantastic

Recensione di: Frances M , luglio 2016

We took a city tour by bus the day before this tour and were a little worried that this tour might go to the same sights. Not to worry, this tour really focuses on Hidden Prague. Honza John is an excellent guide and even adapted the tour to include some sights in the Jewish quarter because we were staying there. We ended the tour at one of Honza's favorite cafe's and had a wonderful lunch there. BTW: We were the only non Czech in the restaurant.

Recensione di: B Rajeshwara B , luglio 2016

Me and my family went on this interesting walk in Prague with our enthusiastic guide Honza..
He kept up to the name of the tour- Hidden was a great experience..and we visited the Cafe Louvre which was great and also went for the Black Light theatre which we enjoyed too...
Thanks Honza for the wonderful time!

Vandana Bhat
Bengaluru, India

Recensione di: Andrew N , luglio 2016

This was a great tour. You get a lot of information from a passionate Czech guide. We were scheduled for 2.5 hours but went longer. Almost 4 hours but for the same price.

Recensione di: karinne.ludlow , luglio 2016

Honda / John gave the four of us a great tour of Prague. He has has a wide knowledge of history, culture, art and music. Both contempary and old. What made his tour so good was that he personalised the tour to your needs and interests. So if you are interested in architecture He will put this in.

Recensione di: rar62 , giugno 2016

Honza was a wonderful guide and adjusted the tour to our desires.

I would recommend

Recensione di: Ricardo R , giugno 2016

Excellent choice. We learned a lot and had so much fun with our guide Honza. I strongly recommend to anyone interested in knowing more details about this beautiful city.

Recensione di: Travel2 , agosto 2015

This tour was an excellent introduction to the city of Prague that takes you
beyond the typical sites of old. Hzona was an excellent, thoroughly knowledgeable guide - answering all of our many questions and interests in the Czech culture! He took us to areas beyond the open squares and through passages and hidden gardens all the while telling us about Czech history from the Slav settlement to present day. Highly recommend for those wanting to understand local culture. My husband and I were the only people on this tour.

Recensione di: Lynn M , luglio 2015

Amazing knowledgeable very personable guide.

Recensione di: John D , luglio 2015

Awesome tour with John Hozan! He was extremely knowledgeable of the history of Prague and all the different secret hidden places he took us to. He answered all our questions though we rarely had any as all of his explanations were excellent. It was just my husband and I on the tour and it was worth every dollar spent, which actually was a bargain. We highly recommend this tour!!!